Board of Trustees
Anne W. Marion, Chair
Roxanne Decyk, President
Deborah A. Peacock, Treasurer
Ramona Sakiestewa, Secretary
Robert A. Kret, ex-officio
Elaine B. Agather
Jane C. Bagwell
Ronald D. Balser
Deborah A. Beck
Nancy D. Carney
Julie Spicer England
Felicitas Funke
Susan J. Hirsch
Donald D. Humphreys
Jack L. Kinzie
John L. Marion
Christine Schuepbach
Barton E. Showalter
Marilynn Thoma
Joanna Lerner Townsend
David L. Warnock
Lee E. Dirks, Honorary
Laura Bush, Honorary
Saul Cohen, Honorary
Emily Fisher Landau, Honorary
Joann K. Phillips, Honorary
Juan Hamilton, Special Consultant to the Board

Letter from the Museum Director

At the front gate of the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum Research Center there is a stone with an O’Keeffe quote that reads, “Take time to look…”  I think about this every time I pass. One of the things I have observed is that like most museums, the O’Keeffe is far more complex than it appears on the surface.

This museum is the steward of a constellation of assets that includes the fine art collection, award-winning public programs, historic properties, cutting-edge art conservation, and a Research Center dedicated to the study of American modernism that houses important archives and its own research library.  These resources are maintained and preserved for future generations through the dedication of the Museum’s staff and the prudent oversight of our Board of Trustees.

Much has been accomplished since the Museum opened to the public – the permanent collection has grown significantly, and more than 2.7 million visitors have come through our galleries since the opening in 1997.  There have been numerous scholarly publications and symposia, nationally and internationally touring exhibitions, articles published in scholarly journals and significant contributions to art conservation.  In addition, there are scores of community collaborations, outreach across the region and public programs that contribute to making Santa Fe a great community.

I hope you take the time to look through this website to see the scope and breadth of what we have to offer and that you make time to see the exhibitions and participate in some of the public programs. The O’Keeffe Museum has enjoyed much success and with your continued support, I am confident the best is yet to come.

I hope to see you in the galleries,

Robert A. Kret

Staff Contacts

Director's Office

Robert A. Kret Director   
Susan Burke Assistant to the Director  505.946.1055 

Abiquiu Historic Properties

Agapita Lopez Director of Historic Properties  505.685.4365 
Belarmino Lopez Construction and Maintenance  505.685.4365 
Melodie Milhoan Tour Office Coordinator  505.685.4016 
Margarito Lopez House and Grounds   
Barbara Manzanares Custodian/ Tour Guide  685-4016 


Cody Hartley Director of Curatorial Affairs  505.946.1008 
Carolyn Kastner Curator  505.946.1088 
Dale Kronkright Head of Conservation  505.946.1041 
Judith Chiba Smith Registrar/Collections Manager  505.946.1004 
Sherri Sorensen Associate Collections Manager/Registrar  505.946.1003 
Stephanie Becker Curatorial Project Coordinator  505.946.1025 

Education and Public Programs

Tracey Enright Director of Education and Interpretation  505.946.1006 
Shannon Bay Education Programs Manager  505.946.1012 
Sarah Zurick Education Coordinator and Family Programs Manager  505.946.1007 

Finance and Human Resources

Cathy Ullery Director of Human Resources  505.946.1013 
Joy Hanson Director of Finance  505.946.1034 
Mary Persinger HR Generalist  505.946.1086 
Paul H Lujan Accounting Manager  505.946.1074 
Wendy Scozzafava Accounting and Office Specialist  505.946.1014 

Information Technology

Benjamin Finberg Director of IT & OPS  505.946.1057 
Ryan Gallman Systems Administrator  505.946.1044 


Mara Harris Communications Manager  505.946.1060 
Kira Randolph Digital Media Specialist  505.946.1062 
Marla Messett Visitor Experience Manager  505.946.1019 
Suzanne O'Leary Public Relations, JLH Media  505.490.9116 

Museum Store

Melissa Jenski Product Development and Merchandising Coordinator  505.946.1053 
Janice Wrhel Retail Services Manager  505.946.1001 

Museum Advancement

Betty Brownlee Director of Museum Advancement  505.946.1023 
Abby Holzer Development Programs Manager  505.946.1037 
Elisabeth Loya Advancement Services Coord.  505.946.1089 
Marissa Anchia Manager of Stewardship and Donor Relations  505.946.1020 
Nicole Davis Advancement Associate  505.946.1066 

Research Center

Eumie Imm Stroukoff Director of Research Center  505.946.1011 
Elizabeth Ehrnst Archivist and Digital Collections Librarian  505.946.1010 
Tori Duggan RC Services Assoc.  505.946.1040 


Michael Beaghler Security Supervisor  505.946.1018