A photograph of Georgia O'Keeffe's home and studio. In the background there are banco shelves built into the adobe with various tschockes placed on the shelves.


Friends and Family

Shared Aesthetics: Georgia O’Keeffe and Modern Design

February 6, 2023

Rational ideals of Modernism were emerging across art, literature, dance, theatre, and design. In the decorative arts, Bauhaus principles of minimalism, new materials, function, and form were exemplified. Modernism rejected precious methods of composition to reveal the essence of an object and its utility. It is no wonder that Georgia O’Keeffe found commonality and ultimately friendship in designers like Alexander Girard, and Ray and Charles Eames.

In this talk, Elizabeth Lay examined the origins of American modern design in the mid-twentieth century through furniture and textiles, and how it was lived by Georgia O’Keeffe and her circle of innovative friends.

This talk was recorded as part of our free ‘Mornings With O’Keeffe’ lecture series on the first Wednesday of every month.