Past Exhibition

The Wideness and Wonder of the World

May 5, 2016 - October 18, 2019

Santa Fe, NM

Large canvas of aerial view of the sky from above the cloud level. To the point of the horizon at 2/3 of the canvas the sky is vibrant blue dotted with islands of white clouds like icebergs in the sea. The top 1/3 is the pale horizon fading from salmon peach to grey-blue to the edge of the canvas.

Georgia O’Keeffe began to travel internationally during the 1950s and continued to travel throughout the 1960s and 70s. Early in her explorations she created paintings that evoked a sense of the spectacular places she visited, including the peaks of Peru, the intricate stone walls of Sacsayhuamán, the Incan complex near Cusco, and Japan’s Mount Fuji.

In 1959 she circumnavigated the globe in an adventure that took her to Hong Kong, India, Singapore, Southeast Asia, and Japan. She began to concentrate on the views from the airplanes that took her around the world. At the age of seventy-three she embarked on a series of new subjects focusing on the abstract patterns of the rivers below and the sky above the clouds and the endless horizon visible from the air. O’Keeffe’s last exhibition in New York at Edith Halpert’s “Downtown Gallery” included the river paintings.