Current Exhibition

Artful Living: O’Keeffe & Modern Design

April 2, 2024 - April 1, 2025

Abiquiú, NM

The O'Keeffe Welcome Center in Abiquiú, New Mexico

The exhibition will be on view at The O'Keeffe Welcome Center in Abiquiú, New Mexico from April 2, 2024 through April 1, 2025. The exhibition is free and open to the general public.

Black and white photograph of Georgia O'Keeffe's Mid Century Modern Adobe Living Room.

Nestled in the desert landscape of Abiquiú sits an unlikely mid-century–modern masterpiece. With a discerning eye for design, Georgia O’Keeffe transformed a traditional adobe home into an artist’s sanctuary. With its large picture windows, skylights, open concept layout, and modern furnishings, O’Keeffe’s home circumvents regional norms—yet still includes original architectural features and traditional adobe treatments. Despite being miles from design hubs like New York or Chicago, O’Keeffe’s connections with furniture and textile designers, coupled with her keen sense of style, resulted in a dynamic space where O’Keeffe could experiment with color, pattern, and texture.

O’Keeffe’s home was meticulously crafted to foster inspiration, contemplation, and artistic innovation. The Home & Studio, where she resided from 1949 to 1984, is a testament to the connection between art and design. In this exhibition, we invite you to learn about the objects O’Keeffe selected to make Abiquiú the home that continues to inspire designers and design enthusiasts to this day.

Full length profile view of O'Keeffe sitting in a white modular chair in her studio, her hair is pulled back into a bun, she wears a black suit coat and skirt, nylons, and black flat leather designer shoes while holding an object in her hand, hanging on the wall in viewer right is portion of one of her paintings (Black Place?), behind her to the left on a glass table are binders, books and a large spindly plant
Todd Webb. O’Keeffe in Her Studio – Abiquiu, N.M., 1977. Gelatin silver print, 8 5/16 x 6 inches. Georgia O’Keeffe Museum. Gift of The Georgia O’Keeffe Foundation. © Todd Webb Archive. [2006.6.1016]