The Research Center brings together people to investigate, advance, and present new concepts and research on Georgia O’Keeffe, American Modernism, and Museum Studies.

New ideas and research are explored and promoted through the Research Center’s academic and museum studies fellowships, library and archives, and numerous programs and activities – such as conversations, symposia, and a triennial Book Prize.

The Research Center cultivates unique collections to further research on Georgia O’Keeffe, American Modernism, and related regional histories to place and view the entire context of O’Keeffe’s life and work through a variety of methods, including:

  • caring for the libraries, archives, letters, and photographs that belonged to O’Keeffe
  • interviewing people who personally knew Georgia O’Keeffe to capture stories and reminiscences
  • housing the painting tools and found objects depicted in her paintings.
  • The resources and collections housed in the Research Center are open and accessible for visitors to utilize online or in person.

The Research Center Library is open by appointment during the following hours:

Monday, Tuesday, Friday: 9 AM-12 PM
Wednesday, Thursday: 9 AM-4 PM


The Research Center is located at 135 Grant Street, Santa Fe, NM – just around the corner from the museum. Entrance to the Research Center can be found by following the brick pathway around the right side of the building to the security entrance.