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Fine Art Friday at the Santa Fe Children’s Museum

  • Friday, October 6
  • 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM MT
  • 1050 Old Pecos Trail, Santa Fe, NM

Join us in creating spooky watercolor paintings for Fine Art Friday at the Santa Fe Children's Museum!

In honor of the spooky season, come learn how to make ghostly figures come to life with watercolor paint! This activity is perfect for kids and families of all ages. Supplies included: Watercolor, cups of water, paintbrushes, watercolor paper, white crayons, pencil, and permanent marker. 

Fine Art Friday is a weekly program provided by the Santa Fe Children’s Museum that focuses on exploration into the arts with special guests and hands-on activities.

For more information, please contact learning@okeeffemuseum.org.  

The Georgia O’Keeffe Museum is proud to partner with the Santa Fe Children’s Museum’s Fine Art Friday once a month, as well as Family Fun Day, occurring on the second Sunday of every month on the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum campus.   

Logo of the Santa Fe Children's Museum
Santa Fe Children’s Museum
1050 Old Pecos Trail, Santa Fe, NM 87505
(505) 989-8359

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Horizontal watercolor of a deep blue rounded hill shape, echoed in pink directly above. The blue covers most of the paper, bleeding down to lighter hues towards the bottom. The pink is only a strip of color along the top, with the background filled by a pale blue wash.

Event Classes

Online Class: Graduated Layering for Atmospheric Watercolors


Friday, September 22


Left: Three conical green trees rise up from the base of the work and extend into the central and left portions of the piece. In the center of the image, a rounded tree with a yellowish center emerges above the green trees. Behind the central red tree and to the right, a narrower, rounded red tree can also be seen. The sky, visible in the upper corners of the work, is a dark blue. Right: A version of the same painting but where the green and red pigments are muted into golden brown.

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Descriptive Analysis Spotlight Tour

Santa Fe, NM

Saturday, September 23


On the right is the Art to G.O. Truck with cloud motifs and an open window facing a few tables. On the left of the frame are tables with art supplies and a group of people standing around them making collages. In the background are trees.

Event Community Events

Art to G.O. at the Santa Fe Teen Center Grand Opening!

6600 Valentine Way, Santa Fe, NM

Saturday, September 23