Family Day: Gifts from Georgia’s Garden

  • Sunday, July 14
  • 10:30 AM - 2:30 PM MT

Join us to celebrate the book 'Gifts from Georgia’s Garden: How Georgia O’Keeffe Nourished Her Art' written by Lisa Robinson and illustrated by Hadley Hooper.

Join us for a special Family Day event in honor of Gifts from Georgia’s Garden: How Georgia O’Keeffe Nourished Her Art written by Lisa Robinson and illustrated by Hadley Hooper. The brand-new release takes readers behind the scenes of Georgia O’Keeffe’s life in New Mexico, where her garden played a pivotal role in the artist’s work and lifestyle. The book explores how plants enriched the soil, how her home-grown feasts fed her friends, and how it inspired the artist’s creativity. The book also addresses the era’s prejudice against female artists and how O’Keeffe was able to live and thrive in her verdant sanctuary, surrounded by her garden, well into old age.

  • 10:30–11 AM Story Time with Author Lisa Robinson
  • 11 AM–12 PM Draw Along with Illustrator Hadley Hooper
  • 11 AM–12 PM Story Time in the Galleries with the Santa Fe Public Library
  • 12 PM–1 PM Book Signing with Lisa Robinson and Hadley Hooper
  • ALL DAY Creative Activities with the Santa Fe Children’s Museum & Paint your own Flower Pot with Georgia O’Keeffe Museum

The Georgia O’Keeffe Museum is proud to offer Family Day! Occurring on the second Sunday of every month, this event aims to bring the community together through hands-on art-making and storytelling, as well as encouraging kids and families to take a new approach in looking at and interacting with art. This Family Day is offered in partnership with the Santa Fe Children’s Museum and Santa Fe Public Libraries.

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Please be advised that this event may involve crowds, loud noises, or lighting effects that may be uncomfortable for people experiencing sensory sensitivities.

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Photograph of a small book open to a page with a watercolor of a pot with a plant in it. To the right of the page a hand holds the book open. Above the book are small paint tubes and a paintbrush.

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Online Class: Book of Treasures—Capturing Everyday Beauty with Gouache


Wednesday, July 24


Close-up photograph of a child drawing on a piece of paper with colored pencils on top of a leather bench. The child’s face is out of frame and focus is on their hands, a patterned pencil and the colored pencils scattered over the bench. A second child’s hand pokes in from the right side of the frame.

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Create with O'Keeffe: Fruit Prints


Thursday, July 25


A long gallery with white walls and several paintings by O'Keeffe along with placards containing information on each piece on display.

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Conversations with a Collector

Santa Fe, NM

Thursday, July 25