Brian Fleetwood

Mobile Artist in Residence 2023 – 2024

The Georgia O’Keeffe Museum and Axle Contemporary are pleased to announce Brian Fleetwood (Muscogee Creek) as the first Mobile Artist in Residence. Fleetwood’s project, Place/Holding, will focus on community identity, jewelry-making, and plastics.

Place/Holding, is a community-centered initiative designed to engage and collaborate with diverse communities across various Northern New Mexico locations. At its core, Place/Holding seeks to obtain valuable resources without being extractive or transactional, fostering a sense of inclusivity and shared ownership. Place/Holding’s primary focus is the transformation of waste single-use plastics, collected from the communities it visits, into meaningful, collaboratively designed small objects meant to be worn or carried on the body.

Photograph of four colorful packages holding floral brooches made out of plastic.
Brian Fleetwood’s Pin-Tastic Floral Brooches, 2023. Images courtesy of form & concept gallery.

To achieve this vision, Brian Fleetwood will utilize the Museum’s Art to G.O. truck, traveling to different regions of Northern New Mexico to collect plastic waste from local residents during the winter of 2023.

Place/Holding, will culminate with an exhibition hosted by Axle Contemporary, a mobile exhibition space, in the spring of 2024. Axle Contemporary’s role is pivotal in showcasing the final art creations, emphasizing the project’s commitment to engaging communities in a holistic and inclusive manner. By returning these artistic creations to the communities from which the materials were sourced, the project completes a full circle of resource utilization, creativity, and community empowerment.

Visit our Events page to discover upcoming Place/Holding events

About Brian Fleetwood

Brian Fleetwood is a multifaceted artist, an Institute of American Indian Arts (IAIA) faculty member, and a proud member of the Muscogee Creek Nation. Informed by traditional stories and making practices, a youth spent in rural Oklahoma, a background in biology and ecology, and lived experience with autism, Fleetwood’s work examines jewelry’s ability to mediate between a body and the space it occupies. He uses collaboration and experimentation with material and process to create work that aspires to behave in similar ways to living things, as a way of exploring parallels between the way ideas and living organisms grow, spread, and evolve. This work investigates the connections between different ways of knowing, acts of making, and the unexpected and complex kinship between ourselves and everything else.

In an exciting collaboration, the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum is proud to partner with Axle Contemporary, an innovative mobile exhibition space also housed within a truck.