Landscape photograph of tall cliffs in shades of golden and red rock with a blue sky in the background. Green bushes and trees are at the bottom of the photo and to the left is a dirt road and a small square adobe building with a door.

The Georgia O’Keeffe Museum’s mobile creativity studio, Art to G.O., is on the road! We have on-the-go art-making and creative activities for participants of all ages and will be visiting libraries, community centers, schools, parks, senior centers, and festivals all year long.

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Interested in an Art to G.O. Visit? Art to G.O. is available for booking today! Visits to non-profit and public service organizations are free! Simply select a time and date, and submit a request inquire about availability.

Photograph of the 'Art to G.O.' truck with cloud motifs on the side in a parking lot under trees. the bottom of the frame and front of the truck are partially covered with our of focus/ blurry flowers.

About Art to G.O.

Launched in Spring 2023, The Art to G.O. truck is a mobile studio designed to bring art-making experiences into New Mexican communities. Through the Art to G.O. initiative, the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum aims to uphold its commitment to serving local populations by building sustainable relationships with people and organizations in and around New Mexico.

Photograph of three children, one in face paint, leaning over a table looking intently at an adult's hands as they demonstrate an art activity.

What It Does 

The Art to G.O. truck supports the efforts of educators, community organizations and cultural institutions that foster spaces of curiosity, inclusivity, and connection. Art to G.O. activities vary according to the interests and needs of our community partners—from making alien-themed buttons at the UFO Festival (hello Roswell!) or hosting art-making activities at an elementary school field day (hello Abiquiu Elementary!) to co-creating workshops that bring local artists into community settings to develop immersive arts experiences. 

Questions? Art to G.O. can be reached by email at or by phone at 505.946.1007

Art to G.O. is driven by the generosity of individuals like you. Support our work to educate, inspire, and deepen engagement with local audiences by making a gift to the Museum’s Annual Fund today.

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