Past Event


Online Class: Introduction to Drawing

  • Monday, March 20
  • 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM MT
  • Online

Space is limited, registration required. Please email or call 505.946.1000 for assistance with event registration.

This class will focus on process and exploration informed by O’Keeffe’s sketchbook studies and pencil drawings. We will learn how to create sketchbook studies as part of the artistic practice. We invite you to engage in wonder and fascination with your chosen subject matter as we learn how to find a drawing composition through loose sketching. With an emphasis on looking with care and curiosity, the workshop will involve several short studies from life followed by a longer, more in-depth drawing from life. 

This class is suitable for participants 16 and up. 

This program will take place via the video conferencing platform Zoom. Details for accessing the Zoom meeting will be sent to participants by email the day before the class takes place. Please register in advance in order to access the program. 

Note that all program times are in Mountain Time Zone.

Supplies you will need for this class:

  • Sketchbook or paper
  • Pencils (various hardnesses are ideal but not required)
  • Gum or mars plastic eraser

About the Instructor

Zimmy Chu is a painter, knitter, and avid sketch booker from the Appalachian foothills. They graduated from Oberlin College with a degree in environmental studies and comparative American studies, having minored in studio art. They have experience teaching art and karate, as well as facilitating group discussions. Zimmy is enamored with life in its many forms, and believes wholeheartedly that only expansive love leads to collective liberation.

This class is being offered on a sliding scale:

$10; minimal fee.

$20; covers the cost of the class.

$30; covers the cost of the class, plus a contribution to support educational programs

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A thick curving line runs vertically down the left side of the paper. A thinner, lighter line curves vertically down the right side. Five round spots of paint lie in between the two lines.

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Vertical watercolor of seated female nude on mostly light and dark blue background. Seated with legs folded resting on other. Body back leans in blue background. Left and right arms at sides of body. Face has shadow and hair is brown color. Source of light comes from the front in areas of body. Nude No. IX, Self-portraits as noted in #176.

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Large pinkish/orange shell that dominates most of the canvas, with a much smaller shell beside it on the lower left. Both are oval in shape and open to their undersides, exposing the dark glossy pink of the inside of a shell. They are nestled on a white cloth or tissue paper that has folds suggesting a depth, as if the objects are in a box. The larger shell is chipped on it's upper left tip.

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